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  • You are a therapist but you feel blocked , you want to enrich your practice and develop your toolbox, know how to handle difficult situations.

  • You want to become a Writer, Artist, Spiritual Entrepreneur or expand your business but don't know how to find clients and how to build your life project.

  • Do you feel like a therapist at heart but don't know where to start or what career to pursue?

  • You have a lot to offer the world: courses, treatments, products, but you don't know how to proceed, fear freezes you .

  • You have a difficult or chronic illness , you are in despair and you are looking to see courage and hope.

  • You feel invisible things, but you don't know what to do or believe, and you are afraid of what you see or smell !

  • You have your head in the stars, no one understands you, you are interested in other dimensions but you feel out of step and lost in relation to reality ...

  • You suffer from the wound of lack of self-love, rejection, worthlessness, guilt, you don't dare to be yourself, the world is moving forward but not you !

  • Your creativity is blocked, you are jealous of what other people do and feel guilty about it , you constantly compare yourself and you hate yourself for it!


Through the words, sound and magic, I guide you through trips to help you find answers and practical support.

I recall your Cosmic and eternal origin, source of Life and Force to face earthly difficulties.

I help you connect with and celebrate your soul's exhilaration and joy through your body, work, and relationships.

By vibrating the Essence that you are:

You will become what you always dreamed of being

You will share your gifts

You will build a new reality

You will find your soul family ...

Open your heart, and awaken your golden crown ... Take the highest path ... Be true to your Essence and Your mandates ... Be Righteous, and find the strength of the sun that dwells within you ...

Follow the alchemy of Life and its seasons, connect to the flow of each season and pick what it brings to you ...

A positive and unique experience


Would you like to learn with me? Discover my trainings and my books 

Harmonize the Masculine and the Feminine in you

Serrant Couple dans la nature

Develops a Holistic approach

Rose Bush

Become a Modern Priestess

Nuages ​​dans le ciel

Learn to Channel and find your cosmic origin

Cieling circulaire

Released  you negativity

Coucher de soleil à la plage

Some Books published by Ouassima Issrae

The multiplicity of my being:

Ouassima Issrae daughter, sister, eternal student, Master in Business Administration, entrepreneur, modern therapist, Shamanist, naturopath in the making, pro coach, author and editor, Guardian of the Temple of Truth, Priestess and guardian of the Temp le des Roses, Being a Star, Cosmic and Medium Ambassador, Grand Mère Plume Blanche ...

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Should I prepare for the meeting?

It would be very helpful to write down your questions and prepare them for the meeting so that we can address what is really important to you. For energy treatments, it will be more advisable to plan a lightened day in terms of activity, in order to allow you a time of rest and relaxation.

Are Skype dating the same as face-to-face?

Yes! Absolutely ! I am able to connect personally and energetically to each client I meet on Skype or who requests remote care. Attention is paid to care and not to transport and waiting time.

What types of care do you offer?

My approach is multidisciplinary, so I combine different techniques according to the energy and the objective of the client. Thus, I offer shamanic care, cosmic energy care, channeled messages and teachings, supplemented with Bach flowers, coaching tools to go in depth, etc.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

How to pay ?

I accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and cash.

What is the cancellation policy?

It is important to give 48 hours notice of any delay or cancellation for a full refund.