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Petit guide en Anglais et Français I Little guide in english and french


Mirror of Mama Shamana

Woman’s Metaphorical Association Cards

“Mama Shamana has never seen her own reflection. She’s got one mirror and she’s looked into it before, but every time she would see something different: a war, a drought or a distant planet Makemake. Mama Shamana has no point of view about her appearance.

Perhaps, she is the most beautiful woman in the world.”

These cards are about a Woman and for a Woman, who can live many roles and states, but always remains herself. They are saturated with salt water and the sound of a broken bowstring, hardened by northern storms and will be experienced each time differently, to the very last drop.

For someone they will become road signs and will indicate a way out of the deadlock in life. For others, the cards help them to make a decision or give a fabulous message from the depths of the soul.

The language of the metaphorical cards is as ancient as the Earth herself. Through the language of images, the artists reach out to the Higher Knowing and receive a response from her. This is the language of a human soul. Created with the language of images, a fairy tale brings remedy - it heals and re-energises.

The tales of a Woman who is intuitive, wise, and sensual, have laid a foundation for the deck, “Mirror of Mama Shamana”. The cards are well suited to diagnose, identify, and course-correct. It also helps the reader to understand and address different emotional states - particularly a wide range of female challenges, including identity crisis, psychosomatic symptoms and traumas. This deck will help you discover your inner resourcefulness and awaken your dormant talents.


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Mirror of Mama Shamana Woman’s:Metaphorical Association Cards(shipping included)

  •  Box contains 50 cards with pictures, 50 cards with quotes and instructions on English and French

    * Card size: 8x12 and 4x12
    * Cardstock: 12,5x13