Empower yourself with daily self-care.
This deck is a commitment to YOUR happiness.
Pulling a card each day is your reminder to your self-care practice-and it's fun!

"ARE THESE CARDS FOR YOU?​If you are always taking care of others, or working too hard~you need this deck. This deck will give you the permission you're been waiting for to finally take a break and put YOU first.To care for others, we must care for ourselves first.As a new mom back in 2013, I felt the pressure of caring for a newborn. I very quickly neglected all my needs and put my self-care on the back burner.I felt so much guilt about doing anything for myself, that I often cried from exhaustion and no longer feeling like I mattered. Then I woke up and realized that my son will get older and things will get easier. But I could not wait any longer.I turned myself into a victim. I felt so sorry for myself I hadn't even realized that I had a choice. There were ways I could start incorporating self-care into my life that didn't require a lot of time or money.As an artist who loved oracle cards, I decided to create a self-care activity card deck for all women who don't get enough self-care in their life.My Quality Time Self-Care deck was created in 2017 and I began to incorporate self-care into my life. I became happier and so did my son. I finally enjoyed life again and loved being a mom. I also began to teach my son that moms also need time to themselves so they can be better moms and it has changed my relationship with my son who now honors my quiet time and solo baths. He even stays quiet when I meditate in the morning and sometimes joins me.The first Edition sold out in January 2019. I now bring you the second edition!"



They say it takes about 3 weeks to turn something into a daily habit.

​Using this deck will help you turn self-care into a daily practice and habit. Instead of always waiting for the right time or not finding time for self-care, you will automatically schedule time into your day to do something fun and enjoyable for yourself.

These cards are easy and fun to use. Just shuffle the deck and pick a card. If you don't like surprises, choose the card you wish to perform that day. Then simply schedule that activity for the day.

A lot of women feel guilty taking time off. Buying this deck is a declaration that you deserve self-care and you are committed to giving yourself some TLC. Without your self-care, you cannot care for others.



SKU: Myqualitytime

    Nine new cards (replaced 9 from First Edition)

    • 44 pocket size cards with magnetic box (2.45" x 3.95")
    • 44 fun daily activities to do on your own
    • 6 Blank cards for you to customize
    • Hand illustrated and painted with watercolor
    • Includes a small booklet with alternative activities for each card
    • 400 GSM matte finish cards (they feel like silk)
    • 2nd Edition includes several new cards!